Carrera keeps the standard high for Porsche

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Porsche, for the most part, has kept their formula very simple: build a performance-based car that is reliable and well tested. Where the silhouette is concerned, there have been some slight deviations over the years with models like the 944, and in recent times, the development of the Cayenne and the Panamera. However, the brand’s claim to fame is, and will always be, the 911 design. It’s a shape that is unmistakably hard to miss and is recognised worldwide. For the new 911, the brand has built over 20 variants, ensuring that all potential owners can find something that they like.

The test model I drove was the Carrera 4 GTS 911. It comes with a soft top and a pronounced rear arch to cover the back wheels. This reminds me of the batmobile that was designed in Tim Burton’s 1989 classic movie, Batman.

Remaining Porsche to the core

The interior keeps a similar layout to other models, with premium leather wrapped around the surfaces. The stitching on the seats is designed to match the overall colour scheme of the vehicle. They also kept an analog dial cluster and clock in the centre of the dashboard, as homage to the past.

I appreciate the fact that the leather seats are perforated, which makes the cooling and heating system operate more efficiently. In addition, there are multiple electronic adjustments that can be made to the seat, such as: the base, the lumbar and side bolsters. It also has a simple memory option where various seating positions can be stored.

The gear shifter, which controls the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is the size of a key fob, which might be hit or miss with the hardcore fan base. In addition, the panel, that it sits on, is outlined with gun-metal silver that gives it a unique depth of field.

Below this is what every cabriolet lover wants to find: the switches to retract the roof along with the rear windshield. When this is done, the cool factor goes up a notch, and it can be activated at speeds of up to 50km/h.

The Bose speakers default to a heavy bass sound and occupy the lower panels in the vehicle. This becomes very useful when the top is removed as it helps the sound quality to remain impactful. Porsche intuitively uses as many surfaces as possible to give a rich surround-sound effect even putting a speaker in the door handle.

Around back are two small bucket seats, for which, to be fair, Porsche has to get credit. This vehicle is ideally intended to be a two-seater, so when they added things like ISO fix points for baby seats, you know that they were trying to be inclusive.

The Carrera ticks all the boxes where fandangles are concerned for a super-luxury car, like a 10.9-inch touchscreen, and uses the limited space inside cleverly, like having a retractable cup holder in the dashboard or a designated area inside the armrest to hold a cellphone.

Driving Experience

Despite the fact that the car has a very low ground clearance, it felt very comfortable on the road, with very good absorption of the potholes. The sports suspension, dampeners, along with the cushioning material used in the seat made the ride better than I expected.

With super-wide 305mm tires on the rear wheels and Porsche Traction Management system, this car can go around any corner, at almost any speed, without body roll.

To get an engaging driving experience from the six-cylinder engine, simply turn the knob on the steering wheel, which allows for the selection of Normal, Sports Plus, Sport, and Individual mode. I used Sport mode whenever I was on a stretch that allowed me to drive fast. Truth be told, there is no road that can fully facilitate the power that this car has, so I would encourage drivers to take it to a track. Even when I pressed it on the highway, going from 0 – 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, it was clear that it could go much faster.

The gas pedal is on the heavier side and has to be pressed hard for the acceleration to kick in. I liked this feeling because it had a slight delay effect, and then the speed came on in a rush, which reminded me of older model cars that had turbo.

My test unit was painted in a modest colour, which will most likely blend into the corporate world. However, these cars are built to stand out, as there is nothing ordinary about a 911. So if you are getting one, go for a colour like Papaya Metallic or Shark Blue that pops.

Engine: turbocharged three-litre, flat six-cylinder

Torque: 570 Nm, 2,300 – 5,000 rpm

Transmission: Eight-speed Porsche Dual Clutch transmission with dual-mass flywheel, AWD.

Fuel tank: 67 litre

Cooling system: Water-cooled system with map-controlled thermal management and switchable water pump

Luggage compartment volume: 132 litre

Body Type: coupe, cabriolet

Competition: Audi R8, BMW 8-series, Chevrolet Corvette, Jaguar F-Type. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Vehicle provided by ATL Motorsports, porschesales@atlautomotive.com

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