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Each vehicle has undergone a thorough 150 point health check, comes with a full tank of fuel and three months limited warranty*. Ask about the ones that have a manufacturer’s warranty and full-service histories.

Vehicle of Interest

*Terms & Conditions apply – 150 health check on all vehicles and three months warranty applicable to specific vehicles only.

LocationYearMake & ModelExterior Colour Mileage Price
KIN2015Kia PicantoRED27,858J$1,400,000
KIN2011VW TiguanSILVER LEAF55,075J$1,700,000
KIN2013VW JettaWHITE68,000J$1,950,000
KIN2012Audi A3GREY74,442J$2,150,000
KIN2016VW Polo SedanGREY69,353J$2,150,000
KIN2016VW Polo SedanBROWN53,095J$2,150,000
KIN2013VW TiguanBEIGE43,514J$2,300,000
MOB2017VW Polo SedanBLACK76,896J$2,400,000
KIN2016VW Polo SedanGREY 46,000 J$2,500,000
KIN2014Honda CivicWHITE71,907J$2,600,000
KIN2013Kia SorentoRED41,000J$2,700,000
KIN2017Suzuki VitaraBLUE21,289J$3,100,000
KIN2011VW TouaregWHITE45,882J$3,400,000
KIN2014Audi Q3BROWN33,234J$3,500,000
MOB2014BMW 116iWHITE 34,224 J$3,550,000
KIN2015VW Passat CCRED 16,000 J$3,600,000
KIN2014Audi Q3BLACK72,174J$3,700,000
KIN2016Honda AccordGREY47,568J$3,900,000
KIN2014Audi Q5GREY91,952J$4,200,000
MOB2015Audi Q3WHITE 85,300 J$4,300,000
KIN2015BMW 316iBLACK 22,952J$4,400,000
KIN2014Audi A6GREY 71,974 J$4,500,000
KIN2016BMW 120iSILVER 23,000 J$4,500,000
MOB2015BMW 316iBLACK 29,800 J$4,550,000
KIN2018VW Tiguan (LHD)BLUE13,194J$4,600,000
KIN2014Lexus IS 300HBLACK30,800J$4,600,000
KIN2019Hyundai TucsonSILVER5,540J$4,900,000
KIN2012Audi A7WHITE 30,155 J$5,000,000
KIN2015BMW X3 20iBLUE 81,451 J$5,200,000
MOB2013BMW 528iGREY 61,820 J$5,300,000
KIN2016BMW 220iWHITE 29,688 J$5,500,000
KIN2016Audi A6BLUE 39,824 J$5,900,000
KIN2014Audi Q7BLACK 40,813 J$5,995,000
KIN2016Audi A6WHITE 43,160 J$6,000,000
KIN2015Mercedes Benz ML250WHITE97,709J$6,150,000
KIN2014BMW 528iBLUE 58,860 J$6,300,000
KIN2017BMW X1 18dGREY18,096J$6,400,000
KIN2015BMW M235iWHITE 52,000 J$6,500,000
KIN2012BMW 640dWHITE 45,000 J$6,550,000
KIN2015BMW 528i GTBLACK14,000J$7,300,000
KIN2017BMW X3 20iBROWN 19,153 J$7,800,000
MOB2017Audi Q5BLUE 25,768 J$7,800,000
KIN2016Audi Q7BEIGE33,873J$8,000,000
KIN2018BMW X2 20iGREY 2,243J$8,000,000
KIN2016VW TouaregWHITE13,250J$8,200,000
MOB2016Audi Q7WHITE72,000J$8,950,000
KIN2018BMW 420iBLUE 4,467 J$9,000,000
KIN2017Audi A6BLUE14,935J$9,000,000
KIN2018Audi Q5BLACK395J$10,900,000
KIN2017BMW X5 30dWHITE 22,800 J$11,200,000