Looking for a part for your car?

Our customers want their investment on the road so that is why we boast one of the most comprehensive parts facilities in the region with genuine parts.

When it comes to maintaining your car, always insist on genuine. But choosing genuine isn’t simply a matter of aesthetics, pride or an insistence of staying true to your brand.

There are crucial, tangible differences between genuine and non-genuine automotive parts – differences that can make a significant difference to the overall cost of your investment, the performance of your car and your safety.

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    Why Choose Genuine?

    Non-genuine and aftermarket parts may look similar, but often come in different dimensions, specifications and tensile strength from their original counterparts. Over time, these minute differences can decrease the efficiency and lifespan of not only the non-genuine part – but your car in general.

    Meanwhile, genuine parts built with premium materials, to precise specifications, are assured to work perfectly with your car as every detail of every part has been tested and approved by your automobile’s manufacturer. This means when you purchase and install a genuine part, you’re assured that your vehicle (and new part) will run at optimal performance for years to come.

    While it’s true that genuine parts may cost a little more at checkout, they pay for themselves in the years ahead – saving you from additional (and costly) repairs, downtime, and making your travels on the road safer for you and your family.

    Still not convinced?

    Speak with our experienced team to find out more about the benefits of choosing genuine parts for your car. We’re always glad to help.

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