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Kia Partners With Local Artist for Showroom Design

March 26, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1182 / ATL News, Kia

When the Kia brand in Jamaica made the decision to refresh a section of its Kingston location, it was only right to engage local talent for the task. Jamaican artist and graphic designer Roshane Taylor created art that truly speaks to the brand, the vision and everything it stands for. A brightly coloured mural on the wall of the Kia delivery bay fuses both Jamaican and Asian culture to show a world of never-ending adventure and surprises.

Opportunities like these show entrepreneurs and creative minds that our corporate community recognizes and appreciates their craft, products or services. At ATL Automotive, we have made it our duty to give back to Jamaica by endorsing the younger generation of entrepreneurs and other groups that crave support.

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Uncompromising Porsche Macan

March 26, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1044 / ATL News, Porsche

IN the adrenaline-filled finale of the 1996 Michael Bay blockbuster The Rock, Stanley Goodspeed played by Nicholas Cage saves himself by stabbing his own chest with a hypodermic needle to jump-start his heart. In this day of Hollywood remakes and reboots, a suggestion would be that this scene be redone with Goodspeed jumping in a 2019 Porsche Macan and driving off, as that act would provide a similar rush of adrenaline.

On the outside, the Porsche Macan is like a fine watch. To the common man from a distance, it looks like another nice-looking compact sport utility vehicle (SUV), but get closer and those with higher taste will quickly recognise the distinctive lines that mark it out as a Porsche — like the pronounced rear shoulder lines it shares with the iconic 911. Around back, the latest evolution of the Porsche logo and rear lights combine with enough fresh elements to discern itself as attractive, especially when purchased in one of the available dramatic metallic colours.

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Golf GTI Remains Timeless

March 26, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1380 / ATL News, Volkswagen

Auto Review – The Golf Remains Timeless

The Golf has been in VW’s showroom since 1974 and has spanned eight generations. Some may know it as the Rabbit. Whatever the name, this front-wheel-drive vehicle has always been fun to operate.

Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre, and this is evident by the fact that it is VW’s best-selling model.

The silhouette remains the same, with, overall, sleeker edges that help to future-proof it for years to come. The bonnet and front bumper compress the front grille into a thin strip, with the VW badge in the centre. Despite being very minimal, the red radiator grille louvres give the Golf a sporty appearance. At the ends are the angular headlights that run into the side panels, with the LED indicator lights stopping short over the wheel arches.

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