2024 Honda CR-V:The best it’s ever been

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2024 Honda CR-V:The best it’s ever been

February 9, 2024 / Comments 0 / 249 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, Honda
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Now in its sixth generation, the top-selling, multi-award-winning Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle somehow manages to be the best it has ever been. Let’s see how.


The previous model was revolution. This time around its evolution for form and function to fit the CR-V in the family design language and bring its technology up to date. The front fascia has been where the big changes have taken place. The thin futuristic LED headlights now flanks a less aggressive grille. It’s a larger more open design, but black to tone down its appearance. The Honda badge has been scaled up to match, while providing the location for the driving assist electronics. The 18-inch wheels are standard. Out back, the long-held hallmark of the rear vertical lights have been restyled to not lose their long-standing recognisability. The side profile is classic CR-V; however, the faithful may notice a slight size increase to accommodate a big element of the new feature set available in the new model. Overall, a more conservative mature look.


To those who feel the CR-V is larger, they’d be correct. The wheelbase has been increased to make the cabin larger for its seven passenger ability. Yes, the 2024 Honda CR-V is available as a seven-seater, expanding not only its comfort, but its appeal in the current market as well. All occupants will be more than taken care of.

The CR-V has always had a step up in interior quality to rivals, and the new model is just the same. It adopts the unique styling seen in the Accord and the Civic, with a few touches of its own. The digital instrumentation is sharp and uncluttered for ease of operation. All controls fall to hands with ease and reaching past them means interacting with leather and other quality trim materials. The extra dimensions also means extra storage space and practicality. There’s a low noise floor for comfortable cruising and listening to the Bose stereo through the modern infotainment system.


Speaking of cruising, the CR-V always hits top marks for its driving dynamics. Honda’s high-performance knowledge always comes through, and not just for speed. The new drivetrain and chassis are even more sublime than the outgoing model. The 1.5-litre turbocharged, four-cylinder delivers its 188 horsepower smoothly to the CVT transmission and out to the new intelligent all-wheel drive system standard on the seven-seat model. Around town, the CR-V putters quietly, sipping fuel and operating its plethora of convenience features, like auto brake hold and newly equipped automated driver assist tech. On the highway the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist allows the vehicle to operate hands-free for short stress relieving bursts. On the narrow, rough, twisty lanes, the suspension endows the Honda with agile handling. There’s always plenty of forward thrust and grip on hand, yet the CR-V is never harsh, always giving a driving experience commensurate with the conditions, even in light off-road conditions.

Bigger and better the CR-V continues to cement itself as the yardstick in the compact SUV segment with each model change. Some rivals may do a singular element better, but none do everything as well as the Honda.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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