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Audi Q5 Reaches New Heights

May 13, 2016 / 0 Comments / 1938 / ATL News, Audi

Audacious Q5

JAMAICA’S leading automotive group, ATL Automotive created big waves both on and offline this week after unveiling one of the most creative marketing blitz ever. It featured an Audi Q5 driving 40 feet up the wall of Wyndham Kingston hotel, in the city’s financial district.

The awe-inspiring installation — conceptualised by Chief Executive Officer Adam Stewart with the company’s marketing team — was created to demonstrate the legendary gripping power of ‘quattro’, the all-wheel-drive system perfected by German car makers Audi, and to coincide with the arrival of 2017 Audi Q5 units, Jamaica’s number one premium mid-size SUV. “This strategy was so fitting for Audi. Not only did it show off the greater traction and dynamic ability of Audi’s unique quattro AWD feature, but stayed true to the company’s ethos of progression and creativity in design.

At ATL Automotive, we like to push the boundaries too. Anyone can take a standard billboard, and we do, but the buzz we’ve seen since on the streets and on social media since we executed this has been incredible.

The term ‘raising the bar’ never seemed so appropriate, and I congratulate my marketing team on continuing to disrupt and challenge the norm. Watch what we’ve got up our sleeves next!” said Stewart. “The Audi view is that it doesn’t matter how big the engine is: its power first has to be channelled via the wheels before reaching the road. What quattro does is send power to the wheels that need it the most at any given time. Basically asking the question, why power just two wheels when a car has four?” the CEO continued.

The six-month project saw the ATL team fibreglass an existing Audi Q5, paint and brand it before engaging expert local sign company, Signarama, to build a specially reinforced bracket on the unit itself before fixing it 40 feet up the exterior of the hotel. Over seven million models with quattro® technology have been built to date, making Audi the world’s most successful manufacturer of premium cars with permanent all-wheel drive. From compact cars to saloons to supercars, quattro is synonymous with legendary traction, sure handling and a unique and exclusive brand of driving pleasure. The quattro, permanent, all-wheel-drive system splits drive power between the front and rear wheels to optimum effect.
This enables an Audi fitted with quattro to keep making safe progress with ease in situations where two-wheel drive vehicles no longer have any forward traction, such as on slippery surfaces or loose terrain. “Special mention and thanks must go to the Kevin Hendrickson and his management team at the Wyndham Kington hotel, who immediately bought into what we were trying to achieve and supported us every step of the way,” Stewart added. The latest delivery of 2017 Audi Q5 models is expected to land in Jamaica at the end of May. Starting price $8,795,000.00.

Honda’s Record Success

May 5, 2016 / 0 Comments / 1659 / ATL News, Honda, Sales

Honda, the brand Jamaica knows and continues to love, sold a record-breaking 118 units in April; a first without a major sale involved. The popular CR-V and its sister model, the HR-V, were the most popular models with a combined total of 109 units. Other units sold were the Civic, City and Fit.

With achieving almost 50% over target, Sam McKenzie, Head of Business commended his team “Here at Honda, it’s a team effort that is driven by passion. From the sales team to the finance advisors to our after sales group at the service, parts and body shop – they all create magic by working closely together as one unit to ensure our customers know they are our top priority. It’s more than just a job for us; at the end of the day, when we assist our customers achieve their dream car, its sheer joy”.

Honda has maintained prominent brand presence in the automotive market as Jamaica’s leading premium Japanese brand thanks to unbeatable service, top-notch aftersales service, easy access to parts, and models maintaining the industry’s best resale value. In 2015, Honda had a 30% increase in sales compared to the previous calendar year.
“Our customers know that when they’re buying a Honda, they’re investing in reliability, safety and resellability for them and their families. It’s the brand Jamaicans have trusted for decades.” McKenzie continued.

Group General Manager, Matthew Cripps, expressed his gratitude to the Honda team for their hard work in growing the brand to where it is now. “Not only is it our team who’s exceptional, but our customers as well. It’s their trust in us and with Honda that inspires us to continue to serve them better”.

Honda’s showroom, located at 47-49 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10 is currently undergoing renovations to upgrade the location with new state of the art facilities to ensure customers receive first class comfort during the sale and aftersales of their vehicle.


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