Amarok voted Pick-Up of the Year

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Amarok voted Pick-Up of the Year

August 23, 2019 / Comments 0 / 1193 / ATL News, Awards, Volkswagen
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Fresh off winning the International Pick-Up Award for 2018, the Volkswagen Amarok has been awarded another trophy, this time Pick-Up of the Year 2019 by United Kingdom monthly automobile magazine and website WhatCar?

Giving the vehicle a five-star rating, WhatCar? described the Volkswagen Amarok as a “brilliant pick-up that is great to drive and practical, with a well-built and comfortable interior”.

WhatCar? explained that back-to-back tests against the Amarok’s class rivals and assessments of running costs, practicality and equipment levels were all factored into the award.

“The Amarok delivers the pinnacle of driving comfort on almost any terrain in any weather. It combines high ground clearance and excellent body stability with proven 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The result: traction in virtually every situation, even with heavy payloads,” a news release from local dealers ATL Automotive said.

“The outstanding off-road ABS as well as the Hill Descent Assist ensure high levels of safety across all terrains. Optional robust under ride guard package protects the fuel tank against stones and branches on the ground,” the release added.

“The Amarok’s wide wheelbase and increased ground clearance mean it can handle even extreme angles, gradients and slopes. So you can confidently tackle even the steepest terrain,” ATL Automotive said, adding that the Amarok is the only pick-up in its class with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The first gear has been specially optimised for pulling off when towing a trailer, while the eighth gear reduces fuel consumption through low-speed driving on long journeys.

“Another area where the Amarok stands out against its rivals is its cracking engine line-up. Options include two mightily impressive engines, with 180hp 2.0L turbo diesel and 221hp 3.0L V6 petrol. These two are remarkably punchy and smooth — a world away from the clattery diesel engines in many rivals. It can get up to motorway speeds with little effort and is exceedingly flexible, pulling strongly from well below 2000 rpm,” the dealers said.

“The Amarok also impresses greatly as a tow car with a capacity of up to 3,500 kg. Not to be forgotten is the largest loading bed in its class which is capable of carrying huge payloads (more than a tonne) over rough and muddy terrain.”

According to WhatCar? by pick-up standards the Amarok is great to drive, with light and accurate steering. “Admittedly, other vehicles in this class have set the bar quite low, but the Amarok rides better than anything else you’d care to put it up against, and is especially impressive at higher speeds,” the British magazine stated.

WhatCar? also said that inside, the Amarok is styled to look like some of Volkswagen’s sedans and SUVs, but it trades flamboyance and panache for robustness and functionality.

“It boasts plenty of space to stow your belongings, including storage on the dashboard, large compartments under the front seats and four cup holders. Countless extras ensure a comfortable drive and safe journey,” WhatCar? pointed out.

“With the sporty leather-covered multifunction steering wheel, you have the entire vehicle in the palm of your hand. With the Canyon or Ultimate spec models, you get a 6.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth and a DAB radio. It’s the best of the pick-up bunch, with helpful shortcut buttons and an easy layout.” said WhatCar?.

“The maximum payload it can take varies depending on spec, but is between 1,068 kg and 1,154 kg. That’s one of the highest among its rivals, and it also offers the widest load bay,” WhatCar? added.

The dealer also pointed out that the loading width of 1,222 mm enables pallets to be loaded crosswise. “The spacious 2.52m² cargo box features some impressive dimensions such as the 508 mm high side panels and the low loading sill height of 780 mm.”

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