Amarok Territus Takes Things Up a Notch

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VW has decided to up the ante with this model variant of the Amarok, which is known as the Territus. Armed with imposing 265/60/R18 all-terrain mud tyres, that are both huge and wide in dimensions, it immediately stands out on the road. This version of the Amarok, which started production in 2010, comes with side steps, black wheel arches, and anti-rolling bars to give it a rugged look.

To the back of the twin cab is a black bedliner, which is able to manage loads of up to 911kg and has a designated light. Up front are halogen headlights with range adjustment and a blacked-out front grille, with fog lights below.

Though it is still in its first generation, the interior has been tweaked to look more modernised as well as improved in functionality. For example, there is a slight protrusion where the centre display and a/c units are. This helps with air circulation as each unit is angled towards the driver and passenger, respectively.

Where the display is concerned, it is monochrome with touchscreen functionalities. This might be a bummer for some as many drivers have become accustomed to colour screens, however, the more basic a pickup is, the better it is for me. Call me old-fashioned, but the less technology the more durable things are, plus everything functions in a streamline manner, such as pairing your phone or adjusting the audio setting.

What kind of surprised me was the quality of the six speakers. Every time I get a vehicle to test-drive, I go into the audio settings and level all the options, like treble and bass to zero, as this gives me true feedback from the speakers. After this was done, the music sounded clear and powerful in a manner that rivalled a lot of high- end vehicles.

On the top of the dashboard is a storage area, with a rubber surface, to ensure that whatever is placed there doesn’t slide around, and there is also a charging port. The Territus is littered with these ports. There is even a 12V power outlet in the load area. These are the type of things I like to see in pickups because they are most likely going to be used as fleet vehicles, so practicality is essential.

An area where it loses some points is the size of the storage bins in the door. Unfortunately, they are not large enough in girth to hold a 2-litre water bottle, hence you will have to rely on the two cup holders in the centre console.

Driving Experience

For around-town driving the 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel is very nippy, and it pushes out 180hp, which ensures that you can move as quickly as most SUVs.

However, most persons who buy a pickup are interested in how it performs off-road. I remember when the Amarok first launched, it was as though VW was trying to make a casual-lifestyle pickup that competed with the Honda Ridgeline. Well, now the company seems fully committed to building a utilitarian pickup to compete with the likes of Toyota Hilux and Nissan Frontier.

The Amarok uses a permanent four-wheel-drive system called 4Motion which has the ability to shift power to 80% to the rear and 60% to the front. This helps a lot with the intelligent ‘Off-Road’ option which uses a very active hill descent control and anti-brake system. I did notice that this option uses more gas than normal, as it is constantly applying pressure to the ventilated discs brakes, which was a bummer when I was using the petrol version. Luckily, this time, I was driving the diesel variant, and the fuel consumption is very impressive as it can take you on a roundtrip from Kingston to Negril without refilling the tank.

With a ground clearance of 19.2 cm (7.6 inch) and a towing capacity of 3,200 KG, the Amarok definitely means business this time around. It is clear it is ready to get down and dirty with the industry stalwart as it shifts its focus to being fully utilitarian.

Price of tested model: $8,495,000 (full duty)

Price Range/Options: $7,995,000 Comfortline, (full duty)

Engine: 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel

Torque: 420NM/1,500-2,000RPM

Transmission: 4X4 (4Motion)

Fuel tank: 80-litre

Competition: Mazda BT50, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Hilux

Contact info: email – VWSales@atlautomotive.com or telephone – 888-ATL-AUTO

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The 2019 Volkswagen Amarok Canyon injects even more into the formula that won the vehicle the International Pickup Award for 2018 and the 2019 WhatCar? Pickup Award.

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Giving the vehicle a five-star rating, WhatCar? described the Volkswagen Amarok as a “brilliant pick-up that is great to drive and practical, with a well-built and comfortable interior”.

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The previous Tiguan was built on the Volkswagen B6 Passat chassis, which gave it car-like agility with the dimensions of a SUV. Now in its second generation, the Tiguan is looking bulkier as it rests on a bigger frame. Gone are the circular sheet metals, replaced by a more angular one, to give it an aggressive appearance, as well as a new design theme.

The character line, which runs through the side panels and is incorporated into the door handles, gives a distinctive visual appeal. Surprisingly, while bigger in dimension, it does weigh less than the previous generation. To complete the look, VW added beefier low-profile 19” tyres, with the ability to grip any road.

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