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ATL Automotive Welcomes Foton

June 27, 2024 / 0 Comments / 230 / ATL News, Region

ATL Automotive Group Expands Regional Footprint as Official Foton Importer Across the Caribbean.

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Kia wins prestigious 2024 Car Design Award for Brand Design Language with ‘Opposites United’

April 19, 2024 / 4 Comments / 600 / ATL News, Awards, Kia
  • Kia Design honored with internationally recognized award at ceremony during Milan Design Week
  • Success is latest recognition of aesthetic value delivered by Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy
  • Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design, Karim Habib, collects accolade on behalf of Kia
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The 2024 Porsche 911 Carrera T: Next big supercar for Jamaica?

March 24, 2024 / 1 Comments / 406 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, Porsche

Porsche’s iconic 911 model line has a rich history of thrilling drivers, and the Carrera T variant stands out as a testament to its performance roots. With a focus on weight reduction and an engaging driving experience, the Porsche 911 Carrera T offers a unique blend of nostalgia and modern technology.

A Design Inspired by Performance

The Carrera T’s design cues immediately hint at its focus on performance. Pronounced rear-wheel arches necessitate adjusting your side mirrors outward for better rearward visibility, adding a touch of quirkiness to the classic 911 silhouette. When I was being picked up for the test drive, I asked the representative, ‘How will I know it’s you?’ He simply said, “You’ll know.”

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2024 BYD Seals the deal

March 15, 2024 / 0 Comments / 530 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, BYD

If anyone has questions about the state of the Chinese automotive sector then the experience of the 2024 BYD Seal should quell any doubts in an instant.

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2024 Honda CR-V:The best it’s ever been

February 9, 2024 / 0 Comments / 553 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, Honda

Now in its sixth generation, the top-selling, multi-award-winning Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle somehow manages to be the best it has ever been. Let’s see how.

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2024 Porsche Cayenne: Perfection personified

February 2, 2024 / 1 Comments / 313 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, Porsche

Porsche called the 2024 Cayenne one of its most extensive product upgrades in the company’s history.

Given the high levels that the previous model operated at, it seems an impossible task to make something this great, even greater. Spoiler alert, they did.

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Kia Soluto is all about being economical

July 16, 2023 / 0 Comments / 2518 / ATL News, Kia


The Kia Soluto is a subcompact sedan that offers a lot of value for money. It is a domestic car in the truest sense as it is built on practicality and efficiency.

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Honda Ridgeline: A comfortable and versatile midsize pickup truck

July 9, 2023 / 0 Comments / 1382 / ATL News, Honda


The Honda Ridgeline is a midsize pickup truck that offers a unique blend of car-like ride comfort, utility, and technology.

The brand has long ditched the design concept of the first-generation Ridgeline, which had no dividing line between bed and cabin. Now, it more resembles a traditional pick- up, with a large bed with a number of features that make it more versatile such as a built-in trunk, which can also be used as a cooler. Adjacent to this is a hidden compartment that stores the spare tyre.

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June 26, 2023 / 1 Comments / 2681 / ATL News, Region

Jamaica’s leading automotive company ATL Automotive has signed an agreement with world leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles BYD (Build Your Dreams) this week after being named Regional Master Dealers for in Jamaica and 9 countries throughout the Caribbean.

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2023 Honda HR-V Hybrid: A Fuel-Efficient, Fun-to-Drive SUV

June 11, 2023 / 0 Comments / 1627 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, Honda


The 2023 Honda HR-V is a completely redesigned small SUV that offers a lot of value and shares its platform and engine with the Civic. This time around, Honda went for a new rugged appearance as it abandoned the curves from the previous model.

Now, the HR-V is all about sharp angles and a tank-like silhouette.

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