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July 17, 2015 / 0 Comments / 1396 / ATL News

ATL Automotive has announced that it is set to end its four-year relationship with British car brand Jaguar Land Rover and will no longer stock their brand from 1st September 2015.


ATL Automotive created a huge splash in the Jamaican motoring industry after it acquired the Jaguar and Land Rover brands in 2011, registering a dramatic increase in sales, expanding its nationwide presence with the launch of a state-of-the-art showroom in Montego Bay and offering peerless after-sales and technical service to its customers.


Adam Stewart, Chief Executive Officer at ATL Automotive commented, “Working with Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) has been an enjoyable and exciting journey but ultimately this is a strategic decision to enable us to focus on our future, and where we believe the future of the automotive industry in Jamaica is going. We are excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead.”


“Over the past four years, ATL Automotive has been dedicated to successfully growing Jaguar and Land Rover’s market share, increasing sales year on year and providing ‘Unbeatable’ customer service before, during and after sales.  We have watched as JLR has rapidly evolved under our stewardship and we are proud to say we have been a hugely successful Jamaican ambassador.”


In addition to the company’s sterling sales efforts, ATL Automotive’s JLR tenure was packed with groundbreaking marketing initiatives including the renovation of Bob Marley’s iconic Land Rover, the conversion of Barbican Roundabout in Kingston into an awe-inspiring off-road driving adventure and most recently the extravagant launch of the Jaguar XF at Palisadoes Raceway to name but a few.


Brent Murphy, Chief Operating Officer at Interamericana Trading Corporation added the following, “We wish to take this opportunity to thank ATL for their dedication and support in building the Jaguar Land Rover Brand in Jamaica.”


From 1st September all customer sale and service inquiries should be addresses to the following contacts:


Telephone:                                                         1 876 968-0930


Parts, Service and General:               


June 23, 2015 / 0 Comments / 289 / ATL News, Automakers, Environment, Products

One tree planted for every car sold. This is the promise of the Drive Green campaign, a partnership between ATL Automotive Limited and the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT).

ATL Automotive and the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) has committed to 20150321_1003planting a tree for each car it sells and help to reduce the effects of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gasses emitted by motor vehicles.

While ATL Automotive has offered low-emission vehicles, continuously educating consumers on fuel efficiency and providing excellent motor vehicle care and servicing increasing performance and in turn lowering emissions for some time, the ‘Drive Green’ campaign takes the company’s commitment one step further.

The JCDT, a non-government organisation established  to  promote environmental conservation and sustainable development, has  identified a 1.2 acre plot of land in the Holywell Forest located over 900 metres (3,000 feet) above sea-level in the cool Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park where the trees will be planted.

ATL Automotive customers have the option to visit the site and plant the tree themselves or the JCDT will facilitate planting. Interested consumers will also have the option of purchasing additional trees at a cost of just JMD$133 each.

Motor vehicles typically emit varying amounts of greenhouse gages including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and most commonly, carbon dioxide (CO2) which is believed to contribute to global warming. Planting trees remains one of the cheapest, most effective means of drawing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and through this partnership, ATL Automotive and the JCDT are offering individuals the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting carbon dioxide produced from their day to day activities.

Bruce Duquesnay, Operations Manager from ATL Automotive said the company was excited about the initiative and its potential benefit to the environment.  “At ATL Automotive, we have always encouraged responsible motor vehicle use and maintenance as well as fuel saving tips. This initiative gives the company, as well as our customers, the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and actively contribute to the protection and preservation of our beautiful country. We’re happy to partner with the JCDT and we look forward to making a difference.”

Trees have played a critical role in maintaining safe levels of oxygen and CO2 in the atmosphere for millions of years as they remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow and through the process of photosynthesis.

At present, 4-5 million hectares of forest are cleared every year in Latin America and the Caribbean, resulting in as much as 47% of global carbon emissions from deforestation. Significant reduction in forest cover results in reduced humidity and a generally hotter climate, lower rainfall, less productive or dry wells, reduced flow and the drying up of rivers, as well as the erosion of top soil.



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