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VW Crafter: Crafted for Business

November 13, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1523 / ATL News, New Models, Volkswagen

Commercial buyers are captive to a different set of rules when it comes to their vehicle purchase concerns. Emotions are put aside for hard, cold numbers related to costs. Terms like return on investment and words such as downtime, efficiency, productivity are all banded about when it comes to a final decision for the check to be issued. Having won two awards in the inaugural 2021 What Car? Van Awards, including Best Overall Van, the 2020 VW Crafter Van puts forward a great case to be a positive addition to any fleet.

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Kia Niro Shines Bright

November 6, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1371 / ATL News, Auto Reviews, Kia

The local hybrid market has been left largely open when it comes to new cars. The 2020 Kia Niro smartly fills that niche, a niche expected to grow as vehicles converge on the concerns of environment, fuel economy and electrification.

The Niro doesn’t scream hybrid. This is your standard small sport utility vehicle (SUV) fitted with an internal combustion engine and an onboard battery-powered electric motor. Rather than go space age, it sticks with standard visual considerations for the class, but is by no means a boring looking SUV. The Niro is a very sporty in external styling, having razor-sharp lines accentuated by muscular curves. It continues Kia’s modern design language capped off by a future-inspired rendition of their signature tiger grille.

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2021 MINI Countryman Cooper S is worth celebrating

October 30, 2020 / 0 Comments / 2085 / ATL News, MINI, New Models

ATL Autobahn — the division of the ATL Automotive Group responsible for the MINI brand — is marking 10 years of official dealer support in Jamaica as well as the release of the 2021 MINI Countryman Cooper S, the refreshed version of its best-selling model.

The Cooper S has always been the sweet spot in the Countryman range, as comfortable as the regular Cooper, but not as far over on the performance scale as the Countryman John Cooper Works.

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Honda Accord – New & Improved

October 21, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1667 / ATL News, Honda, New Models

HONDA has rebuilt its premium sedan, the Accord, from the ground up, representing one of the biggest generational jumps in the model’s history.

This because, in the past, it only had to do battle with class rivals from other brands, now the Accord must fend off competition not only from other mid-sized sedans, but the modern buyer’s cravings for sport utility vehicles even within its own camp.

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The 2021 Kia Sorento: The SUV That’s Full of Surprises

October 13, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1835 / ATL News, Kia, New Models

With more performance capabilities, advanced driving assistance systems and a bold new design; nothing looks or feels better than the all-new 2021 Kia Sorento. The spacious seven seater sports a stylish and modern exterior design along with a high-tech interior making it the SUV to drive. This model does not compromise on style, safety or power and you’re bound to notice once you get behind the wheel.

The redesigned exterior gives the Sorento a more confident and mature presence on the road, with its sharp, modern lines and accented high-tech details. The evolution of this model’s dynamic aesthetic is exemplified best by Kia’s signature “tiger nose” grille, new details that extend into the headlight and hood structure, a hood edge that wraps around the body and integrates into the rear shoulder line therefore enhancing length and width, giving it even more authentic SUV vibes. It also comes standard with LED headlamps and gives the option of six different alloy wheel designs, from 17-inches to 20-inches, the largest ever for Sorento.

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Now available to order: the new Golf GTI

September 10, 2020 / 0 Comments / 2006 / ATL News, New Models, Sales, Volkswagen
  • Eighth generation of the Golf GTI with 180 kW / 245 PS is an efficient high-tech compact sports car
  • Networked Vehicle Dynamics Manager guarantees a new level of added performance
  • The unmistakable style of the GTI is extremely popular: more than 2.3 million cars have been sold since 1976

Digital, networked, sharper design and more active driving dynamics than ever before: with the new Golf GTI, Volkswagen again significantly raises the bar in the sporty compact class. The result is a Golf GTI that combines maximum dynamics with maximum comfort. The new GTI is available to order now. (Golf GTI with 7-speed DSG dual clutch gearbox)

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Porsche 718 Cayman S – The Everyday Sportscar

August 28, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1329 / ATL News, Porsche

Balance is a significant element that is difficult to get right. That’s what makes the 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman S so special. It’s able to dole out the adrenalin fuelled fun of a sports car and provide the practicality needed for everyday usage.

In 2016, the 718 moniker was added to the Cayman as homage to Porsche’s 718 RSK sports car of the 1950s. On the surface, the visual familial lines are there, but those steeped in the brand’s lore can see the deeper connection with its namesake in the front and rear fenders. The shape is sleek and sexy, yet masculine and muscular.

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ATL Automotive and HEART/Trust NTA welcome new apprentices for internship programme

July 21, 2020 / 4 Comments / 2084 / ATL News, Region

To further develop local talent, ATL Automotive Group through its training department, ATL Academy, in partnership with HEART Trust/NTA, welcomed six students and graduates of local institutions to its internship programme.

The programme is structured to allow students to be paired with internationally certified senior technicians across ATL Automotive’s brands and locations over a six-week period with exposure to the dealership processes of each international brand, brand manufacturer tools and techniques.

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Q8 Style & Power

July 20, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1542 / ATL News, Audi

Since 2018, with the release of the Audi Q8, the company is adamant that it wants a place in the mid-size luxury crossover coupe market. BMW was the first company to do so in 2008 with the X6, and Mercedes Benz followed suit with the GLE Coupe in 2015. This is your favourite SUV with a truncated roof, which gives the vehicle a coupe-type effect.

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Nurturing Young Talent

July 10, 2020 / 0 Comments / 1291 / ATL News, Region

ATL Automotive Continues Partnership with HEART/Trust NTA for Internship Programme

Nothing beats local talent when it comes to serving our customers and the ATL Automotive Group has continued to uphold its standard by offering employment and training opportunities to students and graduates of local institutions. One of the most notable initiatives for recruiting fresh and new talent has been the continuation of a partnership between the Group’s training department – ATL Academy and the HEART Trust/NTA.

Eight apprentice students were enrolled in the last internship programme held in August and September of 2019 and this year and this year will see 7 more students benefiting from this initiative.

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