Kia Jamaica: More Surprises to come

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Kia Jamaica: More Surprises to come

November 22, 2019 / Comments 0 / 2147 / ATL News, Kia
Kia Seltos
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A new decade is upon us and a lot is happening in the Jamaican auto market. Vehicles now have sleeker designs, more amazing technology and even bolder colours than ever before. In case you missed it, Kia Jamaica is the best place to go if you’re in the market for a new car. The Kia brand hails from South Korea and has been in Jamaica for some time, but becoming part of the ATL Automotive Group in 2018 has helped the brand to grow significantly in the local marketplace. Not only is the model line-up impressive, the prices for a brand new Kia give you the best value for money in the Jamaican automotive market. From the micro-hatchback Picanto to the semi-industrial K-Truck and the sporty Stinger, there is a Kia for everyone and the features and specifications of each vehicle are bound to surprise you.

Kia already boasts great models globally and locally, but this is not the end. The South Korean automotive brand has won countless awards including the JD Power Award for Highest Ranked Mass Market Brand in Initial Quality, four (4) years in a row. Kia has also been considered A ‘Best Global Brand’ six (6) years in a row but it never gets complacent. The brand is constantly making bold steps and constantly evolving to provide the safest vehicles with cutting edge technology. The year 2020 will have much more of that with new models from Kia coming to the Jamaican market. Consumers can expect to see a redesigned Kia Optima and Sorento as well as a completely new model, the Kia Seltos.

Most of us would already be familiar with the luxury sedan that is the Optima and the spacious SUV that is the Sorento. The Seltos, on the other hand, is a compact SUV that has an air of sophistication and assertiveness. Its exterior is eye-catching with its long hood and sharp lines carved into the body of the vehicle. It also sports the signature Kia tiger nose grill, LED headlamps, 17 inch alloy rims and state of the art technology, all of which are powered by a 1.6L petrol engine. The Seltos is one of the most high-tech cars in its class and is available in a range of bold colours such as Punchy Orange and Glacier White Pearl. The Seltos is also customizable so you stand out from the crowd with a two-tone color scheme by selecting from the appealing roof-body color combination options. The Seltos is where design meets reality and we can’t wait to surprise you.

Written by: Tracey-Ann Mullings

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